The present continuous tense is formed with to be (is/am/are) and verb-ing. We use it to talk about:

A. The on-going or progressing event in the present or happening at the moment of speaking. Examples:

  • I’m just leaving work. I’ll be home in an hour.
    Please be quiet. The children are sleeping

B. For something which we think is temporary:

  • Fatih is at university. He’s studying  literature.
    I’m working in UGM for the next two weeks.

C. For something which is new and contrasts with a previous state:

  • These days most people are using WA or LINE instead of writing letters.
  • Many youngsters nowadays are expressing their thought with Vlog

D. Showing that something is changing or developing:

  • The children are growing quickly.
  • The climate is changing rapidly.
  • Your English is improving.

E. We use the present continuous tense to talk about the future

  • Mary is going to a new school next term.
  • What are you doing next week?


She, He, It, Ali ——> is +  Ving

They, We, You ——> are + Ving

I —————–> am + Ving




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