Defeating Bullies

Passage by Araina Hardin

Poster by Nadira Ratunanda & Shifa Rahma

Do you ever feel bullied? Or do you ever bully someone? What do you feel about doing that?

Sometimes someone do bullying things because they are mentally broken. They love to see people in suffer. Do you know people who do bully are actually people who ever been bullied?

The reality has changed and it makes them feel like having a power to bully the victims. They want to know how it feels and it’s like a revenge. But there are also people who are bullied but have no chance to change their lives. Do you know the impacts?


People can kill themselves. People can take so much blood from them. They release the pain by giving pain. You must have seen people who suffer caused by bullying. What do you see? You see people who feel like they have no one. They feel like they are unwanted in this life.

What if you bully? What will you say to them? “You are such a useless person”, “we don’t need you”, “you are as ugly as the ugliest thing on earth”. Sometimes people who do bully don’t mirror themselves. The victims are better than the disturber. But what do they think? The victims need to die because they don’t deserve to live.

Imagine life without bullies. It’s going to be peaceful and easy to live. There will be no victims, there will be no disturbers. All live together. But the fact is, how can it be? My country, Indonesia is in the fact known as one of the country that has high percentage of bullies. That ‘how can it be?’ question is one of the reasons why things won’t change. Let’s try to change it and open our mind. Maybe you think one person won’t give impact. But what if one person and others gather into one?